Armchairs, Sofas and Manual & Electrically Operated Recliners and Sofas

If you don't have a need for a riser/recliner, and are after a traditional British style of chair or sofa, then the range from Sherborne Upholstery may very well fit the bill. Sherborne manufacture entirely in West Yorkshire and have been a reliable and trusted supplier of ours for many years. They produce a large number of models, but we have selected three of their most comfortable ranges, the Lynton, Malvern and Norvik to have on display.

Each of these ranges offers fixed armchairs electrically adjustable recliners come a close second in terms of ease of use. Or if you prefer not to be plugged in, there are also a variety of manual recliners and sofas available. The widest range are from the British manufacturer, Sherborne Upholstery, who make both electrically adjustable, rechargeable (so no mains attachment is required unless you're recharging) and manual recliners. We also stock a variety of reclining chairs from the Norwegian manufacturer, Elano. Many of Elano's fireside chairs also have a reclining action and so it may also be worth looking at those as an alternative.

Sherborne recliners

Many of the chair designs are also available as fixed armchairs, sofas and either manually or electrically adjustable sofas.

As with all seating, for maximum comfort it is important to choose a chair that is the correct size for the user and which has the right degree of adjustability. The manual recliners and sofas do require a certain amount of leg and upper body strength to adjust the position of the leg support and back. The electrically adjustable models do that job for you.

All the Sherborne recliners have the following features:

  • 3 Year Guarantee on all recliner actions
  • 2 Year Warranty on all electric motors
  • Supplied with castors for ease of movement or glides if required
  • Manual recliners offer either handle or catch release
  • Controls can be on the left or right

In our showroom here at The Back Centre we have a number of different recliners and settees on display. Some of the most popular models are outlined below and are available in a huge range of fabric or leather colours. Delivery times are generally between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on manufacturer and model.

Sherborne Lynton Range

Sherborne Small Lynton Manual or Electric Recliner Sherborne Small Lynton Riser ReclinerSherborne Small Lynton Riser Recliner
The Lynton recliner, available in two sizes
Sherborne Lynton Reclining 2 seat setteeSherborne Lynton Reclining 2 seat settee
Reclining 2 and 3 seat sofas available to match
Sherborne Lynton ReclinerSherborne Lynton Recliner
Reclining 2 and 3 seat sofas available to match

A very popular and comfortable range of armchairs, manual and electric recliners and fixed and reclining 2 and 3 seat sofas, available in about 200 different fabrics or leather.

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Chair Width:79cm31"
Chair Depth:90cm35½"
Chair Height:104cm41"
Seat Width:45cm17½"
Seat Depth:51cm20"
Seat Height:50cm19½"

Sherborne Bergen Range

Sherborne Bergen Riser Recliner Sherborne Bergen Riser ReclinerSherborne Bergen Riser Recliner
The Bergen in Corsica 'Rust'
Sherborne Bergen 2 seat sofaSherborne Bergen 2 seat sofa
Matching sofas, armchairs and recliners also available

A much larger chair than any of the above but with softer cushioning. An extensive range of matching sofas, armchairs and both manual and elecric recliners is also available.

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Chair Width:99cm39"
Chair Depth:103cm40½"
Chair Height:109cm43"
Seat Width:50cm19½"
Seat Depth:53cm21"
Seat Height:480cm19"

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