Reading & Writing Slopes

Reading slopes and writing slopes are designed to alleviate the strain of leaning forwards over a flat working surface to read or write. If you can bring your working surface up towards you, rather than having to lean over the working surface yourself, much of the muscle strain in the upper back, shoulders and neck can be avoided.

Most of the writing slopes on the market can be adjusted to a variety of angles to suit the job in hand. Typically, an angle of around 10° - 15° is more comfortable for writing and around 25° - 35° for reading. Some, such as the Putnam Writing slope have a steel subsurface to allow the use of magnetic paper grips to hold work in place. Other writing slopes have a variety of different features to commend them and its a matter of finding one which fulfills your particular requirements.

Particularly where your occupation involves a large amount of reading or writing, or even where you are referring to larger textbooks or files, writing slopes can be a welcome ergonomic aid.