Sit-Stand Adaptors

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Sit-Stand Adaptors

Sit-stand adaptors are the next best thing to a height adjustable desk. They encourage 'active working' by allowing the user to stand and work at a variety of heights - or sit, if they prefer. They can be purchased to suit most desk top sizes, and can be large enough to accommodate up to two computer screens. They offer around 35cm of height adjustment and can lift loads up to 15kg. If you require your whole working surface to be height adjustable or need a much greater range of height adjustment and load capacity, take a look at our electrically height adjustable desks.

Sit-stand adaptors are the perfect, simple way of making a standard desk into a sit-stand desk; the working surfaces will lift up to the required height, staying stable and strong throughout the whole range of movement.

These products favour users of wireless mice and keyboards (to minimise cable clutter).

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